Plan A Magic-Themed Birthday Party For Your Youngster And Their Friends To Enjoy

Posted on: 30 January 2019


People of all ages love to be mystified by tricks that magicians perform. Often, viewers will try to figure out how a magician performs a specific trick, but the secrets are usually not told. It would be very interesting for your child and their friends to witness a live magic show during a birthday party. If your youngster prefers a specific restaurant that allows clients to book kids birthday party rooms for special events, reserve a spot and prepare the party plans.

Let The Owner Know About The Type Of Party That Is Being Held

If you are going to be ordering food items, desserts, and beverages from the restaurant, let the owner know about the theme for the party so that some of the edibles can be presented in a manner that will fit in with the celebration.

For instance, if a cake is going to be designed in the restaurant, then maybe you would like the kitchen staff to decorate the baked good with a picture of a magic wand or perhaps, you could request that the cake is topped with black icing that contains a stripe so that it represents a magician's hat. 

Ask The Magician To Include The Kids

The magician probably won't mind including the children in their act, but it would be polite for you to ask them about this beforehand. The person who you hire could request that some of the children assist with specific tricks.

This could involve handing them items or answering some basic questions. The children will probably enjoy being included in the performance and if you use your camera to take photographs during the show, you can give the children's parents the pictures after they have been developed. 

Prepare Gift Bags For The Kids

Everyone loves to bring treats home at the end of a party. Prepare bags that contain items that are symbolic of the birthday celebration. Decks of cards, handkerchiefs, plastic wands, and puzzles that contain large rings are some items that you can add to the bags. Use a permanent marker to print the name of a child on top of each bag.

Line the bags up inside of a cardboard box and set the box on top of a table that is next to the doorway that everyone will be exiting through. By adding the names to the bags, you won't need to worry about accidentally forgetting to give one of the children their treats.