Authentic Mexican Soups To Order In A Restaurant

Posted on: 17 March 2023


When you think of Mexican food, you probably picture tacos, burritos, and other foods that come wrapped in tortillas. Indeed, this is a big component of Mexican cuisine. But Mexican food comes in many other varieties. The cuisine even includes a few soups, which you may see on the menu in a Mexican restaurant. If you are in the mood for soup, here are a few to look for the next time you go out for Mexican cuisine.


Some may consider this more of a stew than a soup because it is so thick and hardy. But no matter how you classify menudo, you're sure to love its balanced flavors of garlic, onion, and chili peppers. The base of the soup is beef tripe, which has a really rich, beefy flavor. Hominy corn serves as a good source of starch, and chili peppers give the soup its bold, red color. Some restaurants will serve menudo with sour cream and a lime wedge on top. If this is an option, take it. These ingredients are great for balancing out the spice in the soup.

Sopa de Tortilla

If you're new to Mexican cuisine and don't want to try anything too obscure, sopa de tortilla is a good soup to try. Its name translates to "tortilla soup.: It's basically a mixture of tomatoes, onions, chipotle chiles, and beef in a rich beef stock. Many versions also include black beans. It's served with crisp-fried tortillas on top. People say it reminds them of a taco in soup form. It's hearty, satisfying, and perfect for lunchtime.

Caldo de Camaron

You may not think of shrimp as being a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine, but remember that Mexico does have quite a long coastline, and as such, seafood is quite common in some regions. Caldo de camaron is a soup commonly made with shrimp. The broth is also flavored with fresh guajillo chiles and a variety of vegetables. It's typical to see tomatoes and beans, and some versions also contain carrots. This is a less filling soup than the others on the menu, and it has a lot of clear broth. It's therefore often enjoyed as a side dish or first course.

Soup may not be the most common element of Mexican cuisine, but there are definitely some tasty Mexican soups out there. The next time you see one of these three on a menu, give it a try. 

For more info about Mexican food, contact a local restaurant.