4 Things You Should Figure Out Before Contacting A Bread Supplier

Posted on: 28 June 2017


Before you contact a bread supplier for the small business that you are opening up, here are three things that you should have figured out. This will help you have a more productive conversation with the bread supplier you call.

#1 Type Of Bread You Need

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you know what type of bread that you want to purchase. Calling up a bread supplier and telling them that you want wheat bread is not specific enough. Do you want sliced wheat bread? Do you want wheat tortillas or wraps? Do you want sub-style bread? You need to know specifically what type of bread that you need.

Take some time to review your menu and figure out what type of bread you need to accompany your menu. If you have a few dishes where the type of bread could vary, figure out what you are looking for in general and then ask for recommendations for those dishes. It's okay to ask for additional information about the types of bread that they carry, but you should have a solid idea of the different styles and flavors of bread that you are looking for before you call up a bread supplier and start talking shop.

#2 Quantity & Frequency Of Your Needs

Second, you need to know how much bread you need and how frequently you need that bread. Knowing how much bread you need can affect your prices. If you are putting in a large order, you may be able to pay less per unit for the bread than if you are just putting in a small order.

Frequency matters as well. You need to make sure that the bread supplier can deliver the bread based on the frequency that you need it. If you need fresh bread every day, you need to use a bread company that can provide fresh deliveries seven days a week. If you just need one huge order once a week, you need a supplier that can meet those quantity and frequency demands.

#3 Price Point You & Your Customers Can Afford

Third you need to think about how the price point affects your bottom line. For example, if you find a bread that you love but that has a high price point, that may cause you to increase the prices of your food items for your customers. Make sure that the bread you purchase will not drive up the price of your food to the point that you lose customers.

#4 Type Of Ingredients You Are Okay With

Finally, you need to look over the ingredients that the bread is made with and make sure that you are okay with the ingredient list. Some bread may contain all natural products which may be what you are looking for. Some bread may have more sugar in it than you want to sell or may be made in a facility where it may be contaminated with peanuts. You need to think carefully about what types of food allergies you want your restaurant to cater to and what type of ingredients you want all of your food, including your bread, to include or exclude.

Knowing the type of bread you want, the quantity and frequency you'll need the bread, the overall price point as well as the types of ingredients that you are okay with will allow you to have a more productive conversation with the bread supplier when you call them up to get information. Places like Milano's House of Pizza may even be able to help you with dough needs.