Pros & Cons of Choosing Eggplant Parm Over Chicken Parm

Posted on: 26 August 2019


If you're visiting an Italian restaurant and have a craving for something that is breaded, one of your go-to choices might be an order of Chicken Parmesan. This classic Italian dish is a staple in many Italian eateries, and while some may approach preparing it slightly differently, you can usually expect a combination of chicken, Parmesan cheese, breading, and tomato sauce. Some Italian restaurants offer Eggplant Parmesan, which substitutes eggplant for the chicken. Here are some pros and cons of ordering eggplant Parmesan.

Pro: Lighter

If you're trying to eat on the healthier side, Eggplant Parmesan can be a better choice than Chicken Parmesan. While chicken is fairly healthy, it does contain fat and is higher in calories than eggplant. If your meal plan consists of counting calories, you may feel as though you can get away with the calories in the cheese and breading of this dish as long as you opt for the low-calorie alternative of eggplant.

Con: Not as Filling

One thing that you'll notice upon eating Eggplant Parmesan instead of Chicken Parmesan is that the former meal isn't as filling because it doesn't contain the same amount of protein. This might not bother you if you're having a side salad and garlic bread, but if you're only having the main course, you might worry that the choice of eggplant won't leave you as satiated if you were to order chicken.

Pro: Less Expensive

Generally, you'll find that Eggplant Parmesan is more affordable than its chicken counterpart. Vegetarian alternatives are often less money at restaurants because it's cheaper to grow them than it is to raise meat products. If you're dining out but are on a budget, Eggplant Parmesan will give you a tasty meal without spending too much.

Con: Not as Good Later

Many Italian restaurants offer large portion sizes, which sometimes means that you'll be taking some of your meal home to enjoy the following day. It's fun to anticipate hearty Italian food leftovers, but some meals are better than others the next day. Chicken dishes tend to hold up well, but the soft texture of eggplant can mean that this dish gets soggy and isn't as appealing the next day. If you plan to eat the entire meal in one sitting, however, you won't have to worry about how well the meal lasts to eat as leftovers.

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