4 Meat Options for BBQ Catering Besides Chicken

Posted on: 24 February 2022


When it comes to barbecue sauce and foods, one of the most common combinations is with chicken. While barbecue chicken never gets old, then next time you need event catering, you can mix up your options and give guests other choices. A BBQ event catering service will typically have a large menu full of choices.

Check out some of the other meats you can serve up with barbecue sauce and enjoy a memorable meal along the way.

1. Pulled Pork

Similar to pulled chicken, pulled pork is packed with flavor and the meat really soaks up barbecue sauce. Pulled pork is ideal with baked beans and is often served on rolls in the form of a sandwich. Pulled pork is easy to serve and typically comes in a big platter that guests scoop out onto plates.

With the pulled pork, you can serve barbecue sauces on the side and allow guests to choose which sauce to drizzle onto the pork. The pork will still soak up the barbecue sauce and you have the option to select from a wide variety of spice profiles.

2. Kielbasa

A catering company can slow-cook meals for hours before your event. One of the meats worth a long slow-cook is kielbasa. Cut into small slices, kielbasa offers a lot of spice and pairs well with barbecue sauce. The longer the kielbasa cooks, the better, and the meat will get served up hot and fresh on the day of your event.

Choose a specific sauce for the meat or choose multiple sauces and different platters of kielbasa to mix up flavors.

3. Brisket

Brisket is a beef-based meat that comes from the front chest of a cow. Often served up as corned beef, brisket is packed with flavors that really soak in the salts that come from barbecue sauces. The meat becomes really tenderized when cooked in a thick sauce and serves well with rolls or sides like corn.

Some parts of the brisket include fatty flavors, which can really pair well with sauces.

4. Vegan Meats

If you seek a vegan-friendly option for your business, then consider vegan meats. The meats are manufactured using all non-meat products and designed to create meat patties, tenders, or larger portions like meatloaf. The use of barbecue sauce helps build into the flavors and make the foods taste similar to the actual meats they represent.

Every BBQ catering service is different, so you should look into menus to see what types of vegan meats are available on the menu.

Along with the alternative options, you have the opportunity to choose chicken to go with the meats as well.