6 Things You May Be Able to Do to Minimize Banquet Room Rental Costs

Posted on: 9 September 2021


Renting a banquet room for a special event can be a big investment. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to bring down costs and ensure that the total costs of your special event fit within your budget.

The following are six things you may be able to do to minimize banquet room rental costs. 

Don't be too picky about the date

Certain dates are more expensive than others when it comes to banquet room rentals. For example, you can expect weekends to be much more expensive than weekdays. If you can hold your event during the week, you can probably save a good amount of money on your banquet room rental. 

Be flexible in terms of location

If you can forego having your event at a high-end location, you'll spend significantly less. You may be able to find a perfectly acceptable banquet room for rent in a part of town with more reasonable prices. Shop around and be flexible in terms of location to get a good deal. 

Have outside caterers bring in food rather than having the venue cater the event

The banquet room venue will probably have menu offerings and be able to cater the event for you. However, catering through the venue may cost more than if you have an outside caterer bring food in. Shop around and compare catering options to find the most competitive prices. 

Supply your own event staff

In addition, to supply your own food, you might also be able to supply your own event staff. If you have volunteers at your organization who would be willing to distribute food and take care of other tasks for free, you'll really bring down the costs of your banquet room rental. 

Know exactly how many people will be attending

A lot of banquet rooms will charge per head. This means that the fewer people you say are attending, the less money you pay. It's important to know exactly how many people are attending so you don't end up paying extra for event attendees who don't show up. 

Do your own decorating

The venue you rent the banquet room from probably offers decorating services as an option in its rental packages. However, this is likely to drive up costs. Doing your own decorating can not only bring down costs but also allow you to customize your banquet hall decor to the unique preferences of your organization members. 

To learn more, contact and compare local event banquet rooms.