Tips For Visiting A Pizza Restaurants With Kids

Posted on: 11 March 2021


Pizza restaurants are typically laidback establishments where you can and should feel comfortable bringing your kids. Most kids love pizza, so they'll be pleased with the meal, and the casual atmosphere means there's no need to dress them up or be too concerned if they forget their manners from time to time. Still, there are a few tips you may want to follow for a more pleasant experience when you take your kids to the pizza restaurant.

Order a plain cheese pizza.

Regardless of what toppings you may want and which toppings your kids say they want, make sure you order at least part of a pizza topped with plain cheese. This way, if one of your kids suddenly realizes they don't like the other toppings you ordered, you can give them a slice of cheese. This is far easier than arguing with them over why they seemed to like pepperoni last week, but not now! It also ensures nobody goes hungry and you're not left cooking one child a second meal once you get home.

Ask for a butter knife.

If the restaurant does not leave silverware on the table — and sometimes pizza restaurants don't since pizza is a finger food — ask for at least one butter knife, and perhaps a fork. This way, you can cut your kids' pizza up into bite-size pieces. Although some kids may want to "be a big kid" and eat their pizza by holding it by the crust, it is still nice to have the option of cutting it up and making things easier for them if the situation gets messy.

Order for them.

It is important for kids to learn about the process of ordering food at a restaurant. However, at a pizzeria where it's traditional to order a few pizzas for the whole table to share, having kids order can be hard and confusing. Let them have the experience of ordering for themselves at another restaurant that serves individual kids' meals. At a pizzeria, where ordering involves saying things like "I want mushrooms on half, and pepperoni on half, but separate halves," leave the ordering to the adults. This helps ensure the server gets the correct information and you get the correct pizzas.

If you follow the tips above when visiting a pizza restaurant with kids, everyone should have a great time. The kids will enjoy an approachable meal, and so will you. Contact a pizza restaurant like Original Italian Pizza Pa to learn more.