Eating Ethnic And Loving It: Nigerian Cuisine

Posted on: 13 May 2020


Nigerian cuisine is a large collection of different recipes that have been gathered from more than 250 ethnic groups that can be found in the African country. Most of these recipes would go unknown were it not for Nigerian restaurants that have become increasingly popular in the United States. Nigerian cuisine is made with a wide breadth of herbs, spices, nuts, and vegetables, with many strongly flavored slices of meat. If you are going to give Nigerian restaurants a try, here are a few dishes that are a must-have.


Suya is similar to shish-kebabs which are popular in the United States, though they have a different taste and consist of only meat. Suya is traditionally made with lamb meat, though chicken is also very popular. In Nigeria, you can often find suya being sold by street vendors throughout the day as a snack, though Nigerian restaurants sell it as an appetizer. 

Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is deliciously seasoned rice most often served with tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Some people serve it with vegetables diced up and cooked in the rice as well. Another variation is a seafood jollof rice, which will have shrimp or other seafood varieties baked right in. Jollof rice can be extremely spicy, depending on how it is prepared. 

Yam Pottage

Nigeria has several popular pottage and porridge recipes, but none may be more popular than yam. As one of the largest yam producers in the world, Nigeria knows how to dress them up deliciously. Pottage is like a thick, flavorful soup or mash, which can contain a variety of veggies or different ingredients, depending on what chefs have available at the time. The ultimate comfort food, yam pottage is sure to be a big hit. 

Puff Puffs

More on the dessert side of things, puff puffs are delicious. Similar to a french beignet, puff puffs are basically fried balls of dough covered with sugar, a dessert eager to please any sweet tooth. Available at most Nigerian restaurants, your meal is ultimately not complete until you top it off with several puff puffs.

In reality, any type of Nigerian food you choose could be incredible. Be aware that sometimes it can get quite spicy, though you can ask for a more mild mix of spices. Search online to find the closest Nigerian Restaurant, and get over there for your next meal! Chances are, you will not regret it.