Why A Seafood Boil Can Be A Good Choice For A Business Lunch

Posted on: 14 June 2019


As a business professional, you may often need to take colleagues, clients, and prospective clients out to lunch near where you work. As such, it's advantageous to identify a handful of restaurants that can provide the food and the overall experience that you desire. If there's a seafood restaurant in the area, you may wish to check if one of its specialties is the seafood boil. This dish has numerous variations, but often includes seafood such as shrimp, along with sausages, potatoes, corn, and more, all boiled together and served in a large bowl. A seafood boil can be a suitable choice for a business lunch for the following reasons.

It's Casual

While there can sometimes be reasons that you want to keep a business lunch formal, most scenarios can benefit from a casual atmosphere. Business lunches can sometimes have tension. For example, if you're trying to woo a prospective client, you may feel uptight and he or she may feel a little on the edge, too. In these scenarios, being able to dine at a casual establishment can help everyone to relax. Rolling up your sleeves and eating with your hands takes the pressure off looking or acting a certain businesslike way, which can help the meal to be pleasant.

It Takes Time

You don't necessarily want to choose a restaurant that offers a fast dining experience. For a business lunch, it's ideal if you can take some time to discuss the business at hand before, during, or after you eat. A seafood boil lunch can be ideal in this way. Because you're eating at least some of the meal with your hands — namely by peeling the shrimp — this is a meal that takes some time to consume. Additionally, seafood boils are often spicy, so many people will eat them slowly to keep the spiciness under control.

It's Suitable For All Sizes

This type of lunch can be suitable whether you're going out with one client or whether you're taking the entire office out to celebrate a successful fiscal quarter. Seafood boils are often sociable meals, so any seafood restaurant that specializes in this fare will likely have long tables that can accommodate large groups. The restaurant may even have a private room, which may be appealing if you'll be dining out with the entirety of your workforce. The restaurant's server will always be able to recommend a boil size that will accommodate your party.

Look at seafood restaurant lunch menus at places near you to learn what they offer.