Rent A Private Venue For A Business Meeting

Posted on: 28 June 2018


Some restaurant owners allow people to rent a room or entire establishment so that it can be utilized during a formal or informal gathering. If you are overseeing a business meeting that involves making plans with an outside entity and would like to enjoy a relaxed dining experience and mixed cocktails while you and your guests talk about business plans, take the initiative to rent a private area for the social function.

Compare Rates And Incentives

Business owners may offer varying rates and incentives with the rental of a room or an entire venue. The size of an establishment and its location are two key factors to consider right away. Some business owners impose a threshold, limiting the amount of guests that can be accommodated. Of course, if you are only going to be meeting with a small group of people, renting a private room will be your best bet.

When contacting a business owner about reserving a venue, request information about group rates, discounts associated with ordering a specific amount of food or beverages, and a gratuity or additional fees that will be tacked onto your bill. 

Determine The Main Focus

Although you may wish to make the meeting as enjoyable as possible, you need to determine if the main focus of the event will be strictly business or less rigid. If you want to open up the meeting with business talk and finish up the event on a lighter note, then making arrangements to have guests bring along their loved ones or including music in your plans may be of interest.

Some venues have bands or vocalists who perform regularly at the establishments. When making reservations at a venue, ask if you can include music with your rental or if you are able to bring in someone from the outside who can perform during the meal and social time that is spent with your guests. 

Choose Meals And Beverages

One way to appease everyone who will be attending the event is by offering them a menu and requesting that they select the items that they wish. If you use this strategy, you can give the restaurant owner a heads up about the orders that are desired. This will allow the kitchen staff to make preparations ahead of time so that the food will be cooked to order and served promptly.

If the establishment features a bar, think about paying a flat fee so that you and your guests can order as many cocktails as each person would like to. Otherwise, request a copy of the drink menu that is offered and relay the information to your guests so that they can choose the beverages that they prefer. 

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