5 Healthy Ordering Tips At The Sandwich Shop

Posted on: 17 April 2017


A fresh sandwich from your favorite restaurant or deli can be just the thing for a quick lunch. The trick is making sure it fits into your overall health and weight loss goals. Fortunately, there are many tactics you can use to make your order healthier when you are at a sandwich shop, and the following tips can help.

Tip #1: Look for bread alternatives

Bread is often the most calorie-laden aspect of a sandwich, so it makes sense to look for smart alternatives. Some shops may offer flatbreads or wraps with less calories, but make sure you check the nutrition information – wraps are not always lower in calories than the bread option. Another alternative is to see if the shop will offer a sandwich as a wrap using a lettuce leaf.

Tip #2: Choose healthier breads

If bread is your only option or if you really just want the bread, then never fear – in moderation most things can fit into a healthy diet. One tactic to try is to go open-face with your sandwich and only eat the bottom piece of bread. For this bread, opt for a healthier whole grain option if it is available. This enables you to cut the bread calories in half while also getting some important nutrients and fiber from the bread.

Tip #3: Pick the lean options

Whether it's meats or cheeses, there are wiser choices for your waist line. When it comes to meats, avoid the processed deli meats like salami and bologne. Opt for leaner cuts, such as chicken or turkey instead. Even roast beef is usually a lean cut of beef and a relatively healthy choice – especially since it packs a lot of flavor in a thinly shaved slice.

Tip #4: Lighten up the cheese

Your next place to lighten up is the cheese. Go for a lower-calorie choice like part-skim mozzarella. Another option is to pick a sprinkling or a few shavings of a hard cheese like parmasan if it is available. Although not low-calorie, it only takes a small amount to provide a rich cheese flavor.

Tip #5: Skip the spreads

Finally, avoid fatty spreads. Mayonnaise and flavored oils are generally a bad idea, as are most dressings. You can enjoy a light vinegar and oil dressing on a sandwich, or better yet, go with a mustard of choice – most have no fat and negligible calories.

Of course, it should go without saying that it's also a good idea to load up the sandwich with veggies. This way your sandwich shop visit is both tasty and satisfying.